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Jorge Martín Almoguera.

Jorge Martin |Moto2 KTM

Jorge Martín debuted in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup during the 2012 season, after a few starts plagued by successes in the lower categories. The following year he finished runner-up in the international promotion cup behind Karel Hanika.

In 2014 he was proclaimed champion at the end of the season of the prestigious competition, becoming at the same time the first Spanish to achieve it.

These brilliant results open the doors to the Moto3 ™ World Championship with the Mapfre Mahindra Aspar team, in which he has played for two seasons. During the 2016 season he managed to get on the podium for the first time with the Mahindra, at the circuit of Brno (Czech Republic).


Gresini Racing Moto3

In 2017 he joins the team of Gresini Racing Moto3 to the handlebar of a Honda, one of the most outstanding novelties of the category. With the Italian team he has achieved 9 poles (absolute record of the category), 9 podiums, and his first World Cup victory, at the Ricardo Tormo de Cheste circuit.

In the 2018 season, his second season with the team, he achieved the coveted title of World Champion, with seven victories and ten podiums. At the same time he manages to beat the record of "pole positions" in the category of Moto 3 that he himself boasted with 9, raising it to eleven poles in a single season.

Campeon Moto3 Jorge Martin

Red Bull KTM Ajo

2019 is the change of equipment and category, signing up for the Red Bull KTM Ajo Motorsport team to dispute the category of MOTO2.

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